Salon Professionals

Salon Studios® is the latest concept in Booth Rental Salons that provides beauty professionals with the
freedom and flexibility of their own private studio. At Salon Studios® we have taken the booth rental salon to the next level, creating an upscale environment without the upscale price.

More specifically we are a collection of mini-salons all under one roof, similar to a mall. Each salon professional has their own separate salon suite, with a locking entrance and everything they need to run their own salon business. Unlike most other salons, stylists can decorate, play their own music and create a luxurious, relaxing environment for their clientele. Both customers and stylists love this new salon arrangement. Imagine having all this and still paying booth rental rates. It’s now a reality! When you’re ready to find out more, click on the “Get Started” page and we’ll show you how easy it is to have your own salon. Not to mention better service, higher profits and a career you can really be proud of.