At Salon Studios, the value we offer is second to none. That’s because YOUR success is OUR success. Our job is to assist and support you all along the way. Read on to learn the many benefits you’ll experience as a Salon Studios client.


We make it easy to get started! We offer hands-on assistance with setting up your business from completing required business licenses to assistance with setting up merchant accounts, sharing financial best practices to marketing assistance that includes social media set up for your new salon.

We also provide a dedicated personal profile page on our website that showcases you, your skills and talents and links to your Instagram and Booking program.


Continuing to grow and learn helps you stay relevant. It also keeps your clients coming back as your skills and knowledge continue to improve – Salon Studios offers free educational events several times per year.

We bring in educators and other business professionals to help you stay in the know – topics include new  products and techniques, marketing best practices, financial best practices and more.


Salon Studios is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed and thrive.

One important tool is our Online Booking App. Its nominal monthly fee is up to 80% less than any other booking program or app and it even provides merchant services at a reduced rate for credit or debit card processing.

You’re in good hands with our on-site management team. We also provide you with necessary resources such as top CPA’s, Banking, Insurance reps and  Product reps. One of the newest benefits now is insurance – you now have access to multiple insurance plans and products through our AFLAC partnership – easily payable through weekly automatic draft.


Our studios are private, have keyless entry and come furnished with 8 pieces – a mirror, styling cabinet, styling chair, towel cabinet, tall cabinets and even a backwash unit. We offer single, double and multi-purpose studios.

Even better? You can customize your studio and can move things around to suit your needs and display your creative, unique style. We also offered unfurnished studios with a sink for other types of beauty professionals who have different and distinct requirements.


In one word, the biggest impact you’ll experience from having a studio with Salon Studios is freedom! Freedom and independence as you get to manage your own schedule. You’re in control of your pricing, you get to decide which products you use or sell and the services you offer.

Being in charge means you also get to spend more time with loved ones, vacationing or enjoying your favorite hobby. If all of these things weren’t enough – the icing on the cake is that you increase your income with a move to Salon Studios. Most beauty professionals coming from a traditional commission spa or salon typically double their income.


You really are in charge. With 24/7 access you may decide not to work many Saturdays and instead, choose to work Mondays. Night owl? You may choose to start later in the day and work until.

Ready to explore and create your perfect image or brand? We’ll assist with an accent wall color of your choosing. Want your mirror and styling chair on the other side of the studio, no problem! You can even bring in your own furniture – decorate your way, create the client experience you wish to convey. Your choice – referral program, loyalty program – you name it. Business your way.


We curate and carefully choose our clients – the environment in which you work is critical and having like-minded professionals as neighbors is fun and rewarding. It makes working for yourself even better when you are surrounded by others who share the same focus and goals in life.

We celebrate and encourage community in many ways with client events, like our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck to “just because” snacks or lunches we bring in during busy times of the year. Our clients like each other so much, many become trusted colleagues and close friends – sharing techniques, challenges and even borrowing tools and products on occasion!

Now that you know we’re here to support you every step of the way, take the next step and get started now!